2019 Honda CRF50F

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2019 Honda CRF50F


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Simplified maintenance
Maintenance-free CD ignition and automatic cam-chain tensioner simplify maintenance.

Excellent fuel mileage
13 mm piston-valve carburetor offers excellent fuel mileage and throttle response throughout the rpm range.

Simple operation
Smooth-shifting three-speed transmission and automatic clutch offer simple operation and no-stall easy takeoffs.

Quiet & efficient
Muffler/spark arrester is efficient and quiet.

Strength & compliance
High-tensile steel frame and swingarm offer excellent balance of strength and compliance.

Great suspension
Inverted telescopic fork offers a plush 87 mm (3.4 inches) of suspension travel.

Well-damped travel
Single-shock rear suspension provides 70 mm (2.8 inches) of well-damped travel and is mounted to a reinforced swingarm.

Light & powerful rear brakes
Powerful, lightweight front and rear drum brakes.

Excellent traction
Wide, long-wearing off-road tires offer excellent traction.

Optimum rider comfort
Front suspension spring and damping rates calibrated for optimum rider comfort and bump absorption.

Inspired bodywork
CRF-R-inspired bodywork.

Easy mobility for young riders
Narrow seat, slim fuel tank and extra-low 548 mm (21.6 inches) seat height provide excellent comfort and mobility for a broad range of young riders.

Parental speed governor
Adjustable throttle limiter.

Secure against unauthorised use
Keyed ignition switch prevents unauthorised use.

Additional protection
Motocross-style handlebar with padded protector.

Controls designed for young riders
Small-size control levers enhance young rider comfort and confidence.

Tough & lightweight
Polyethene fuel tank is tough and lightweight, just like the bigger CRFs.

Simplified maintenance
Easy-access washable foam air filter simplifies maintenance.

Secure footing
Folding, cleated footpegs offer secure footing even in muddy conditions.